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Do you want to watch movies online? Tired of paying an arm and a leg at the theater? More companies are taking their movies to the web in order to gain popularity with a new generation of web surfers that are looking for exposure to hollywood feature films, but don’t have the means or the desire to take a trip to their local theater. Much like we’ve seen the trend in retail shopping start to shift towards the online shopping experience, movie viewers are moving away from the cinema towards watching movies online. A quick search shows that there are over 150 million results for ‘watch movies online’, everything from the ultra popular to the online movie rental services like Netflix.

If you want to watch movies online, there are a number of paid and non-paid options. For the paid route, you have services such as iReel and Netflix, which offer a subscription renewal starting at reasonable rates that will allow you to access some of the more popular movies that have run through their natural lifecycle in the theaters. Each of these services have their pros and cons, but the obvious downside is that most of the movies that are available from these services are no longer in theaters. In some instances these services offer movies that have yet to be released to DVD/Blu-Ray, in other instances they may not get the movie until afterwards. This variable is largely due to the movie studios decisions based on projected revenues from DVD/Blu Ray sales and movie rentals.

Another route would be looking to stream and watch movies online directly from your browser on various websites. These websites offer the ability to watch movies directly via a flash player, much like you see for popular viral movies on The obvious problem with these sites is that the content is copyrighted. Most of the time, watching movies online for free means that you’re not going to end up watching the best quality video. This is similar to the ‘bootlegs’ that many remember being sold by street vendors in major cities, typically recorded with a camcorder in the movie theater and then put online. Most of these movies end up on video sharing sites and may only be online for a short period of time before they’re taken down. Some websites rely on user generated content and others on editor submissions to allow users to watch movies online. Many of these websites, in an effort to recoup the cost of finding the videos on various sharing sites, will mix in a combination of advertising, subscription services or requiring users to fill out surveys in order to watch movies. is a great example of a site that allows its users to post links to the movies they watch online, while is a perfect example of a website that has found the videos and allows you to watch them after filling out a survey.

The last method for watching movies on the internet is by downloading them. The growth of peer to peer file sharing, torrent downloads and services that offer movie downloads has exploded exponentially over the years. You’ll be able to download movies using a number of services, but the popular ones are torrents. It’s important to note that torrents are often illegal, filled with virus or other malware that can harm your computer, so if you’re interested in really staying away from harmful software, I’d recommend using a service that’s specifically geared towards downloading movies like graboid. You can download graboid and use a free trial for a period of time and decide if it’s right for you.

There are alot of options out there for your movie viewing pleasure, good luck.

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