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So we recently put up an info page for the ladies (and the more sensitive of you gent’s), in the form of our Watch Romance Movies Free Online article, but we know that romance films aren’t for everyone, so we thought that we would tackle what could be considered the opposite end of the spectrum with this blog. To do that we’re going to talk about what opportunities you have to watch action movies free online.

I’m sure that if your reading this you probably know the drill, however in case you don’t, action movies are those films which rely on a primarily physically action packed storyline in order to get their overall message across. This can take many form’s but in particular there are two major strains of action cinema which have in turn inspired their own forms of sub-genres.

Now you may think, hang on a second this is getting pretty technical I just want to watch action movies free online where I can see people blow stuff up or watch the hero knock the @8~$ out of some bad guys. Well we are going to get to that, but if you really can’t wait just scroll down a little bit to see our recommended movies. If you hang on though I’m sure you’ll find out some interesting information that may help you find some films that you in particular will really enjoy.

Watch Action Movies Online: Hollywood Films aka Big Budget Productions

Hollywood is really the heart of commercialized cinema, for decades they have led the way in providing movies for western audiences that continuously push the boundaries of our expectations. Ever finding new ways to impress and amaze us with their special effects and high cost reproductions, or where those fail, through simply being willing to spend a lot of money to blow a lot of stuff up for our amusement.

Now truthfully this genre didn’t really come into being properly until the 1970′s, but it has its roots in older genres, such as the swashbuckling antics of the 1920s and 30′s. The 1940′s and 50′s where dominated by war films and cowboy movies. The war movies of that time leaned more towards the gritty drama and thriller genre’s, coming out of the second world war as earth was at that time, but the cowboy movies where often glorious examples of physical brutality, at least by the standards of those decades. Sadly this early relics are nearly impossible to find so being able to watch action movies online from that period is very difficult to achieve. Though some of the larger video hosting sites have begun to make deals with the studios to get access to this old material.

In the 1960′s the world would be introduced to James Bond, whose early series of spy adventure movies would dominate the cinema for the entire decade, and go on to lay the way for the big budget, car chasing, bomb blowing, helicopter flying, guns firing formula we all know and love today. The 70′s would see a slew of contenders rising to try and take Bond’s spy king crown away from him, with cop films also becoming incredibly popular, and with the arrival of Bruce Lee to America and whole new form of physicality began to creep into western action cinema. If you want to watch action movies online from this period you may have to be patient, they are slowly but surely hitting the internet but as of yet many have yet to leave their VHS based beds.

Then the 80′s happened at it seemed like the world had gone completely insane for high budget action movies, this is the decade that bought us some real gems, like Raiders of the Lost Ark, 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Die Hard to just name a few. At the time we would get a ton of new big budget action movies released every summer, and they would duke it out amongst themselves to see who would get the biggest blockbuster ratings of the year. The critics hated them but the common man adored them. Well you know that after all your here to watch action movies online, so I don’t need to tell you what the appeal is.

In the 90′s we saw a lot of sequels pop up, but we also got a lot of really interesting new concepts get given the chance to see life on the big screen for the first time, as Hollywood began to scrabble around looking for new ideas. It was also the decade where CGI began to play an ever increasing role in modern day film making, allowing us to explore new thrills {and explosions!} in a way never before possible.

In the 21st Century the action cinema genre still goes strong, with 3D imaging being the latest fad introduced by the big studios. Hollywood’s mantra of “if we can’t figure out a plot well just blow stuff up and shoot a bunch of guys” is still a surprisingly strong selling point for a lot of modern day action films.

Watch Action Movies Online: Hong Kong Cinema aka Kung Fu Kingdom

Some lovers of cinema will not be happy with me for referring to Hong Kong Cinema as the Kung Fu Kingdom, but despite the wide variety of cinematic accomplishments to come out of the far east, it is safe to say the one for which it’s best known must indisputably be for Martial Arts films.

Early Chinese cinema did not enjoy the same kind of flourishing success that Hollywood was able to achieve. In China alone their was a myriad of different dialects, meaning people from different provinces of the same country had trouble understanding talking movies, with multiple audio translations of a single movie for a single region of a country being far too expensive an option to consider. This pretty much caused early Chinese cinema, by which I mean that of the 1940′s and 1950′s to be centred around two things. The first was musical opera, but your here to watch action movies online so I’ll assume you don’t care about that, you are probably far more interested in the second form of film making for China, and that would be Martial Arts.

Martial Arts films had their roots planted long before talking movies where even introduced, with the great grandfather of them all Huo Shao Hong Lian Si (The Burning Of The Red Lotus Temple) having been made back between 1928 and 1931, it was released in multiple parts though the whole film is considered one complete movie, because of this it has the distinction of being the longest running film ever produced at 27 hours total length.

Now I’m not going to lie when it comes to being able to watch action movies online from China it is usually something that proves quite difficult to do, many films even up to today have never been translated. That’s not a problem if like the guys back in the 40′s and 50′s you just wanted to see some crazy stunts and mad arse kicking action, but unfortunately it would appear that you are in the minority, and that most people do require some kind of plot along with their arse kicking (I know who knew right ?) so these films never really made it to western shores.

Of course you maybe able to find obscure places, probably the truly far eastern video hosting sites that have no english on them at all, where you can watch action movies online of this kind, maybe even the early version we just talked about. Certainly there has been a significant rise in the number of modern Kung Fu movies leaked out to the western audiences, whole internet communities exist for no other reason than to provide subtitled translations of the latest big Chinese and Korean action movies so that western fans can appreciate them properly. Still you have to know where to look. Is that something you guy’s would be interested in ? Buzz this article and leave a comment below, if you want us to help you find these kind of films just say the word and we’ll get it done.

Watch Action Movies Online: How Can Jooxie Help You ?

If you sat through that brief tour through the annals of action film history then by now you are probably chomping at the bit to actually get down to the act of being able to watch action movies online. Well if you will just have a look at the action movies online section you will be able to find a wide variety of titles of which you should surely be able to find at least one to take your fancy, from their simply follow the handy links provided by users sharing their online movie surfing experience.

However should you be in search of guidance over a specific film to watch, let me present to you the following high octane delights which other members of the Jooxie community have already enjoyed.

Ninja Assasin

This movie is absolutely amazing, I mention it first because I’ve just come from talking about Chinese Kung Fu movies, and this is an example of what happens when Hollywood takes that format, hires an amazing writer, then throws a ton of special effects money into the mix. Seriously folks if you want to watch action movies online then you should definitely try checking this one out.

G.I.Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

When it comes to action adventure hero’s for most people the name G.I.Joe will instantly spring to mind. In the 1980′s to early 1990′s G.I Joe was a dominant force in the toy, comic and cartoon markets of America and Europe. This 2009 big budget big screen adaptation will definitely be one you won’t want to miss. Just follow the link above to watch action movies online, like this one right now.

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi

I felt that I should put at least one Far Eastern action movie on this list, and well this was definitely one that stood out for me. The legend of the blind swordsman Zatoichi is well known throughout Japan, and it has spawned a series of successful television and movie shows. So if your looking to watch action movies online, and I know you are, then whilst this is one of the later incarnations it is still an epic action masterpiece well worth checking out.

The Tournament

This is for those who really just want a brutal blood bath kind of movie. As far as storyline’s go its one of those “every now and again the world biggest bad asses come together to beat the crap out of each other” kind of deals, but its a good example of the sub genre and if that’s your thing then you can watch action movies online just by following the link above.

Bitch Slap

I just had to give this one a mention, seriously if you want to watch action movies online then you would be completely insane to pass this one up. Three bad ass bitches get down and dirty on an island run by an underworld gang lord. He wouldn’t leave them alone, now they won’t leave him alone in this absolutely awesome action movie.

I think that’s more than enough advice on how to watch action movies online for now, but go remember guys, whilst members of the community have been really kind in pointing out where to find these movies to watch, movies are not free to make. If you love movies make sure you continue to support your artists by buying their work when you can.

Be sure and keep coming back frequently when you want to watch action movies online. Jooxie is definitely the #1 resource for free movies online.
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