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Hi Guy’s and welcome to another one of Jooxie’s movie reviews, this time featuring of the most popular titles of early 2010. We’ve seen that many members of our community like to watch remember me movie free online, but we also understand that some people may be put off by the touchy feely romance aspect of the film. So we thought we would bring you a proper in depth look at what you can expect when it comes to actually watching the remember me movie.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Review From Jooxie

We’ll start off by giving our opinion on the movie, you’ll be able to find out what we think of the acting below, as well as a detailed plot summary, which is why your getting the opinion first. I really didn’t want to have to watch Remember Me movie at all, personally I am not a big fan of Robert Pattinson (probably due to me being male) but even I have to admit the power of the storytelling in this movie is compelling enough to make me forget my preconceived ideas about what to expect. As far as love stories go, this is far from your average feel good movie, in fact its quite the opposite, and I don’t mind admitting that I felt nicely emotionally cleansed after the movie. The twist at the end was a bit groan worthy, but overall it was well done.

I would personally give this movie 3.5 out of 5. The acting could have been better, the story could have been a bit less corny, but overall it was a good effort and well worth checking out.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Acting Review From Jooxie

Emilie de Raving playing Ally Craig – In this film Emilie played the character of Ally fairly well, it probably helps that the character is not too dissimilar to the one she portrays in Lost, but either way she does an admirable job of portraying the troubled young Ally.

Robert Pattinson playing Tyler Hawking – As I said earlier when I first found that I was going to need to watch Remember Me movie I was not overly happy about it, and this twinkling “vampire” is why. Ok so its wrong to perceive actors like that. Could his acting have been better in this film ? Oh yea I’m sure it could have, but he played the role of a moody psycho believably so I suppose I can let him off.

Chris Cooper playing Sgt Neil Craig – This was a pleasant surprise I found during the time I spent having to watch Remember Me movie, in the form of Chris Cooper. Ok he’s not a great actor, but he’s played a million cops, in a million shows, so he did that here pretty well.

Pierce Brosnan playing Charles Hawkins – Pierce did a pretty good job playing the corporate big shot asshole father of Tyler Hawkins. Its another role that is well suited to Brosnan’s natural character and its one he wears comfortably.

Overall the impression I got left with having watched Remember Me movie is that most of the big name actors where chosen because they are known for “those types” of roles. They played them well but no one was stretched by their performances in this film.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Plot Summary Warning

Be warned that coming up is a detailed plot summary, so if you still want to actually watch remember me movie you should probably stop reading here. When I say detailed I mean that we are going to tell you almost everything that happens in the movie, so if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself do not read any further.


Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Detailed Plot Summary

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Character Background Summary

The story of Remember Me primarily follows the lives of Tyler Hawkins and Alyssa Craig. A pair of twenty year old students, each with a death in their immediate family that has heavily shaped their lives. In Alyssa’s case she was witness to the brutal murder of her mother, by gunshot wound to the chest, on a New York subway station when she was just 11 years old. For Tyler it was his older brother Michael, who hung himself on his 22nd birthday after failing to make it as a musician.

The pair initially meet after Tyler has a rather bad encounter with Alyss’a father, who is a police officer. Following a night in jail for Tyler and his room mate Aidan, the pair hatch a plan to get back at Sgt Craig, the officer in question, who not only threw them in jail but also busted open Tyler’s face. The plan is that Tyler will sleep with, and then dump, the sergeants daughter. Who Aidan spots as a student at their university, having seen her being dropped off by her father.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Plot Summary: The Lovers Meet And Family Troubles

After a tense first encounter, followed by a shaky but touching first date, the couple quickly start to fall for each other for real. The bet soon forgotten. Unfortunately after a party where Alyssa drinks a little too much and end’s up passed out on a bathroom floor, she gets into a huge row with her father , during the course of which he hits her. Devastated Ally leaves her family home and moves in with Tyler, refusing to have any further contact with her father.

Meanwhile Tyler is having family troubles of his own, his little sister, an artist, is having trouble fitting in at school, and his father, a corporate bigwig, refuses to give the girl the attention and support she needs. The friction caused by this grows ever more heated as the story goes on, as it turns out that Tyler blames his father for his brother’s untimely death, clearly fearing that his sister will end up following a similar route.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Plot Summary: Young Love Lost

On the way back from a brief holiday to the beach, the pair are spotted by an associate of Ally’s father. Who in turn reports on what he saw to sergeant Craig. He breaks into Tyler’s apartment, waiting for him one afternoon when he gets home from college. The pair get into a heated argument about Alyssa, during the course of which Tyler confesses to having only started dating her as a way to get back at the sergeant. This ends up in a physical confrontation that leaves Tyler floored before officer Craig leaves.

When Ally gets home she finds Tyler waiting for her, he tells her what happens and tries to explain that he never had any intentions of carrying out the bet. She is disgusted by what he’s done and leaves him, going back to her father. This devastates Tyler, who was already in a dangerous spiral of psychotic depression. To make matters worse his little sister has a breakdown whilst at another kid’s birthday part.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Plot Summary: Things Come Full Circle

Whilst Tyler is looking after Caroline, Aidan heads over to Alyssa’s house to try and persuade her to take Tyler back. He tells her that Tyler really loves her and that there is only one other person in the world Tyler cares about like that. They both go over to see Tyler with Caroline and the pair make up.

The next day Tyler goes to take his little sister to school, complete with a new look to try and make her feel better. When one of the girls in her class make fun of her new hair, Tyler flies off the handle and throws a fire extinguisher through the classroom door. This earns him another trip to jail, but his father bails him out with little problem and they have a bonding moment over how Tyler stood up for his little sister. He tells Tyler to come to his office in the morning to speak with the lawyers about the charges, which he does.

Getting to his fathers office the next day, Tyler is surprised to find his dad isn’t their. Calling him he is happy to learn that he is taking his little sister to school, so he waits in his father office. Seeing for the first time all the pictures of the family that his father keeps on his computer. Looking out of the window of the top floor office out at the bright day and the new future ahead of him, Tyler finally feels a sense of peace.

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Spoiler Warning Twist Coming Warning Warning

Watch Remember Me Movie Free Online Spoiler Warning Twist Coming Warning Warning

Back at his sister’s school we see the register being called for, when it comes to Caroline’s name she looks up and on the blackboard we see the date. September the 11th 2001. Returning to Tyler we see that his fathers office is at the top of the world trade centre. Chaos erupts as the events of the day unfold, and the lives of our characters are once more changed forever.

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