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Well we did something for the ladies in the form of our Watch Romance Movies Free Online article, we did something for the men in the form of our Watch Action Movies Free Online blog, now I think it’s time to do something for those who come somewhere in between, yes I’m talking to you geeks, or nerds, or whatever fashionable term you have managed to impose on yourselves today. Don’t worry I love you really, which is why I wanted to present to you this piece on how to watch sci fi movies free online, because if you’ve found your way here, then you’ve probably had either a bit of trouble looking or a bit of trouble deciding what exactly to watch. That’s ok because Jooxie is here to help you out.

If you all need it a place to watch sci fi movies free online, and apart from that require no further assistance, then simply click on the link provided and you’ll be whisked away to a portal with a range of titles for you to choose from.

If however you need help deciding what kind of sci fi movie you would like to watch, then please read on as I take you through a brief look at exactly what the sci fi genre has to offer. If you don’t want to spend time trying to figure out just what kind of film would be best for you, then just scroll down a bit and you will see some suggestions in regards to what other members of the community enjoy when it comes to being able to watch sci movies free online.

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: What Are Science Fiction Films

Well you probably already know the basics, which is that Science Fiction films are a genre of movies that use speculative (fictional) science in order to generate the ideas for their story-lines. Often dealing with topics that are not accepted within mainstream scientific thought such as aliens, parallel dimensions and time travel. The genre shares many similarities to its cousin, Fantasy, but is all together far more serious than its whimsical cousin, for whom it often gets mistakenly identified.

It has been a tradition within the genre even long before it came to the big screen, to broach ideas of political or social origin in order to promote an expansion of thought or debate outside of its fictional confides, in this way many people where able to make commentaries on their nations struggles throughout the ages by means of cunning disguise within works of fiction. Now you may be thinking come on I just want to watch sci fi movies free online, I don’t need to know about how District 9 is a not so subtle commentary on racism in South Africa, still I think its important, because we have many forms of Science Fiction sub genre’s in the film world today, and knowing which one is right for you will be key to finding a good movie.

Suffice to say there are two kinds of sci fi films so that’s what we are going to focus on here today, the first kind follows its literary ancestors, and that is pure science fiction, then the second is the sci fi action adventures so often seen today, indeed even the first type of movie will often contain elements of the second because that is what the market as a whole demands. Then there are the story sub genres, which is what we will focus on the most, for one person Sci-Fi may mean aliens for another it will mean robots, so lets see if we can find something that’s right for you.

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: Alien Movies

Race To Witch Mountain

This first example of the alien movie sci fi sub genre falls into the category of sci fi action film. It stars the Rock as a taxi driver desperately trying to get a pair of alien children away from the US government and back to their mother ship so they can go home. As you may expect it has a lot of car chases and explosions, but it is a family friendly film and possibly one of the Rock’s better movies.

The Fourth Kind

This movie however falls into a more traditional science fiction niche, now it isn’t trying to tackle the injustices of the world, but something is definitely going wrong in the lives of these people who claim to be getting abducted by wide eyed grey skinned aliens. This excellent horror sci fi thriller should be able to keep you entertained.

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: Disaster Films


Whilst many people may not consider this a disaster movie, its about someone finding out that world is going to be destroyed, which in my opinion is pretty darn disastrous. This movie makes a statement but its subtle about it, and whilst there aren’t any explosions, there are enough special effects to go with the riveting storyline so that everyone should be pleasantly entertained.

The Battle For Terra

The Battle For Terra is also a disaster movie with a difference. The difference being that it isn’t Earth that’s being destroyed. In this big budget adaptation of a short film gone viral, two alien races battle it out over the planet of Terra in a war that may end up costing both people far more than they bargained for.

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: Supernatural’s

Cirque du Freaks: The Vampire’s Assistant

Whilst it could be argued that this is actually a fantasy sub-genre, there is surely a place in sci-fi for the more than humans. Cirque du Freaks: The Vampire’s Assistant is a good example of that a family orientated modern sci fi adventure relating to a race of sub humans battling it out amongst themselves for dominance whilst the human world goes about its business in ignorance.

The Wolfman

Again people may consider the subject of werewolves to belong within the fantasy genre, but really my fellow nerds lycanthropy is a disease, that’s science (fictionally), ergo the Wolfman belongs in the sci-fi section don’t you agree ?

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: Time Travel

The Time Traveller’s Wife

Sorry folks this has nothing to do with Dr Who, in fact there will be a distinct lack of explosions, running around and phone boxes in this movie. What you will get is a heart warming and touching story about love that expands across both time and space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

This is a fairly amusing little comedy produced by the BBC, in which three friends get stuck in a pubs toilets whilst the building starts to fall through a hole in time With the help of a sexy time cop they have to help repair the time stream and get back to drinking their beer.

Watch Sci Fi Movies Free Online: Jooxie Community Most Watched

Star Trek


The Twilight Saga New Moon

District 9

Remember guys whilst we can help you find places to watch sci fi movies free online, these movies are not free to make and many peoples livelihood’s depend on you buying these products. Support the writers, actors and film makers who make it possible for you to enjoy these great films and buy movies whenever you can.

Don’t forget if there’s nothing on TV come back and pay us a visit to watch movies online. We’re the most reliable source to watch sci fi movies free online.
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